Collaboration between Morocco and the Canary Islands to evaluate the potential use of renewable energies in the near Tarfaya Islands. Where further analyze socio-economic, regulatory frameworks and electrical infrastructure necessary for development, and the eventual export of renewable and clean energy from this area of Morocco to the Canary Islands.


1. Assessing the potential of renewable energy in the Tarfaya (Region Laâyoune-Boujdour-Sakia El Hamra):

• Understand the current situation in the sector of renewable energy in the Canary closer to Morocco.

• Analyze the potential renewable Tarfaya area.

• Analyze the actions provided by different entities Moroccan and Canarian, energy infrastructure planning, especially renewable energy.

2. Studies on the electrical interconnections by submarine cable between the islands of the Canary Islands and the ability to transform its interconnection with the electrical system of Morocco:

• Gather information from existing electrical infrastructure.

• Update mathematical models for simulating the electrical system in static.

• Update mathematical models for simulating the electrical system in dynamic regime.

• To study the transmission capacity and grid evacuation of Morocco at the point nearest to Canary (Tarfaya area).

• Analyze the behavior of the electrical system, giving importance on little island systems or interconnected systems.

• Define different levels of penetration of renewable energies.

• Study the connection with HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current).

• Study and operation modes.

3. Develop proposals to amend existing electricity infrastructure and future planning, to facilitate the interconnection and integration of renewable energies:

• Propose electrical infrastructure to improve transport of energy from renewable sources between Morocco and the Canary Islands.

• Propose necessary electrical infrastructure for electrical interconnection Morocco and Canary Islands.

4. Analyze economic aspects of the energy industries and regulatory frameworks necessary to support the development of renewable energy in the two regions:

• Analysis of the current status of the communication matrix SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities).

5. Dissemination of results and proposals:

• Organize technical seminars for the dissemination of the activities carried out within the project INTERMACAN.

• Participate in trade shows and conferences.

• Creating a Web platform.